22 June 2010

October 1st 1965 - UK Vogue

New Stars in the Winter Sky
Cover Model: Monica Vitti in a simply stunning dress, on the set of Modesty Blaise
Photographed by David Bailey

Editha,Chrissie Shrimpton (?) and Unknown Models by Henry Clarke

Jane Holzer (right) by BaileyJean Shrimpton by Bailey
Unknown Models by
Nicole De LaMarge
Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Chrissie Shrimpton and unknown Models by Bailey


Vénérande X said...

Hello !

You work for history, congratulations ! I will like to know if there is a ed of Vitti in this issue please ?
I drop on your place every single day and looking for everything about Monica Vitti, Charlotte Rampling, Anna Karina, Françoise Dorléac, Marie Laforêt and Alain Delon (please, s'il vous plaît, think about me if you have something of them)

Freya said...

Hello! Thanks for your comments. I will check this issue (have another issue too with a spread of Vitti in Modesty Blaise). Will try hard to scan any pictures of them as I come across them and will update the Vitti spread for you too in the next day or two. Will keep you posted :)

Freya said...

Venerande, have uploaded the editorial with this US edition of Vogue from 1966. Hope you can read it:

Freya said...

Venerandem, have now organised the blog by model/personality so you might find it easier to find people you're after, here:

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model with Editha and Chrissy in the Henry Clarke piece is Marie-Lise Gres.