14 June 2010

This blog is to serve as a sort of visual reference guide to vintage Vogue magazines, featuring scans of photoshoots. This is something I have wanted to do for a long time, if only for my own benefit. Each time I open a 1960s issue of Vogue, it becomes a tiny bit more fragile as the paper starts to crack and tear with age. This will maybe prolong the life of my magazines for a bit longer.
It is an ongoing process, there are a lot of magazines and a therefore a lot of scanning to be done. An issue a night should take the best part of a year to complete.
I will post them in chronological order starting at the beginning of by collection, which is to say, for US Vogues, January 1st 1964 and for UK Vogues January 1965.
I will endeavour to post them concurrently, i.e. UK one day, US the next, to alleviate boredom for those who don't like one or the other.
Tags will be provided to help you to locate your favourite photographer or model and links to the places where I have scouted out my collection to help you with yours.
Any questions, please leave a comment and I will duly respond.
Sit back and enjoy the show!


alix said...

Hi! First of all thank you SO much for posting all these scans, you have done an incredible job, and these Vogues issues are just wonderful to look at!

I've got a request for you, I have been looking for a very long time an issue of Vogue, which mentions Pamela Courson's boutique Themis. I've seen an extract of the article on google books, and it mentions that it is the 1969 vogue, as you seem to have a great collection of Vogue magazines, would you have an idea in which issue this article could be? And if you have it, could you please post it? This would be just wonderful.

Here is the link where you can find the extract of the articles of google book:


again thank you for your amazing job and thank's in advance for your help!

Freya said...

Hi Alix,
The link you gave me doesn't give me too much info. However, if you can let me know a bit more info about the magazine (i.e. UK or US Vogue, month etc) I can certainly have a browse through my issues and email you a scan if I have the article. I have the entire year of UK Vogues but not so many of the US ones as these are quite hard to get hold of.

alix said...

Hi Freya! Thank you so much for answering to my request.

The thing, is that I don't know much either about that issue, I jut know that there is also an article speaking about Betsey Johnson. Near the article there is also a mention of Vogue's suggestion "red ski boots"

here is a link where you can find another extract of the article.


My guess is that this should be from November or December 1969 usa vogue, but I'm not sure, because the only information that I have about this article are here.

ccp said...

Thank you so much, this is great and just what I have been looking for. You have put a lot of work into it. I was just wondering if you had any of these issues as I have been looking for some of the editorials for a while:

US Vogue Oct 15th 1966 Veruschka by Richard Avedon
US Vogue Jan 1st 1969 Lauren Hutton by Richard Avedon
US Vogue June 1968 Lauren Hutton by Richard Avedon

Scans of any of them would be greatly appreciated.

Freya said...

Hi CCP, I have all three of those issues. I have just started scanning US Vogues for 1966 this week to that one will go on in the next week or two. I can scan the two Hutton ones and post them on Fashion Spot (assume that's where you got my link?) for you. Would this be OK?

Freya said...

Alix, I don't have either of those issues (yet!!) but I will certainly keep an eye for any Pamela Courson info. In fact, I might possibly have the pictures (with Morrison) in a Vogue book but not sure which? Will keep you posted if I find anything :)

alix said...

Hi Freya! Well, thank you very much for your help! Do you any know good websites where vintage USA vogues can be found or bought? In fact I'm not even sure the article is in the november or december issue 1969, but I assume it should be, because it speak about the "red ski boots", maybe it could be january or february?? It is very frustating being able just to read a bit of this article and not the entire thing. I know that some articles have been published about Morrison in Vogue, but I think the one about Pamela, is one who just speaks about her and the Themis boutique. I'm a fan of Pamela and I'm very intrigued about this Themis article, because I have never seen any mention of it before.

anyway, thank's again for your help, and your wonderful work! I'm a huge fan of 60's fashion and your blog is just amazing!

ccp said...

Hi. Yeah I found your link on thefashionspot and that would be great. The only thing is that I don't have an account for thefashionspot so I can see images as long as they aren't members only attachments.

Ellie said...

I love your blog. for my art final i am doing a design with the theme 60s fashion. My inspiration board was full of crappy, blurry images but your blog pictures are so diverse, high quality and unlike anything else i have seen before!
I love you :D

Freya said...

CCP, the links on FS should lead directly to my blog rather than an attachment so should be OK for you to view. I'll drop a comment here once I've uploaded them :)

Freya said...

Ellie! Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm so glad that my blog, and more importantly these issues of Vogue, are reaching lots of people! It's my intention that these serve as a sort of online library for this specific era of Vogue which I know is many peoples favourite period, fashion, culture and style wise. Glad you found something of use! I do update every weekday so keep checking back for more inspiration!

alix said...

Hey Freya! thank you for posting links of where to buy Vintage vogues, there were some great links! In fact there is even the one I've talked to you about,
on ebay:


it features the vogue own boutique Pam Courson mention. Your blog is really very helpful, and I'll certainly buy this issue when I can! Again thank's for your wonderful and so needed work!!

Hilary Lipman said...

Hey Freya. Loving Youthquakers. Can recommend Marnie Fogg's book "Boutique, a 60's cultural phenomenon". Who did what, when and why. Lots of fab photos - the peacocks, the blissful girls and the stoned harlequins. Thank them for the birth of cool. And Bailey, of course. Lots of love, H

מיכל♥ג'וש said...

omg, just went through your entire blog and it's nothing less than a treasure. your work should be rewarded! so at least know there are people out there who are appreciating this amazingness.

Freya said...

Hilary, you're a bad influence! I just ordered it on Amazon, signed by the author! Looking forward to reading it!

Freya said...

Thank you for comment (sorry, can't spell your name :) ), so sweet and I am so happy that you're enjoyed reading it!