20 July 2010

15th February 1966

New Fashion Zest for Knits...
Cover Model: Veruschka
Photographed by Penn

Feets on right by Barbieri
Mirella Pettini and Birgitta af Klercker by Penn

Jill Townsend by Bert Stern
Celia Hammond, Marisa Berenson, Veruschka and Brigitte Bauer by Bert Stern

Veruschka and Marisa Berenson by Bert Stern
Veruschka by Rubartelli
Regine Jaffry by PennJill Townsend by Penn

Julie Christie by Bailey
Monica Vitti by Bert Stern
Birgitta af Klercker by Norman Parkinson


Skorver said...

The model in the Viva Knits by Penn with Birgitta is Benedetta, but Mirella Pettini.

The unknown model, "Geraldine Chapman"(sic), by Penn is Regine Jaffry, popular model who married photographer Chris von Wangenheim.

Vénérande X said...

Thank you very much ! I"m so grateful ! The spread was delicious just like the beauty and mind of this oriental type actress. Don't forget please please for all the celebrities i'm looking for, your site is priceless, the graal of swinging 60's.

Anonymous said...

i dont know how i stumbled onto this site.. but how riveting!