21 July 2010

15th March 1966 - Edie Sedgwick!!

The Prettiest Tailoring Now....Precious and Double-Faced
Cover Model: Barbra Streisand
Photographed by Richard Avedon (first US Vogue cover! and most of editorials, for the first time, are his, marking his switch from Harpers Bazaar to Vogue)

Unknown Model by Avedon

Barbra Streisand by Avedon
....and with Madame Gris
Jean Shrimpton, Marisa Berenson, Minnie Cushing and Francoise Rubartelli all by Avedon
Paloma and Claude Picasso by AvedonUnknown Models by Hatami

Francoise Rubartelli and Marisa Berenson by AvedonBrigitte Bauer, Marisa Berenson and Birgitta af Klercker by Bert Stern

Wilhelmina by Penn
Veruschka by Rubartelli
Veruschka by Penati
Edie Sedgwick by Penati
Marisa Berenson by Avedon

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Skorver said...

It's Geraldine Chaplin (not Chapman), daughter of actor/director Charlie Chaplin and Oona O'Neill (daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill and author Agnes Boulton).