29 July 2010

15th March 1967 - UK Vogue

Look British!
Cover Model Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by David Bailey
Banlon ad featuring Grace Coddington
Gold Leaf Red Cigarette Ad
Charles Jourdan ad
Sue Murray by David Montgomery
Unknown Models by Norman Parkinson

Unknown Model by David Montgomery

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey
Sue Murray and Celia Hammond by Bailey
Unknown Model by Henry Clarke
Jill Kennington by Traeger
Unknown Model by Henry Clarke
Twiggy by Helmut Newton
Jean Shrimpton by Unknown
Merle Lynn and Nicole De LaMarge by John Goss
Model Winners of 67 - Meredith Daneman and Susan Lynn


plainsong said...

BEAUTIFUL Shrimp! Thank you

Skorver said...

Model in color photos by John Goss is Merle Lynn.