5 July 2010

15th September 1965

The Big Flattery in American Fashion
Cover Model: Kecia Lyman
Photographed by Irving Penn

Jennifer O'Neill by Penn
Brigitte Bauer, Veruschka, Marisa Berenson, Benedetta Barzini, Wilhelmina and Unknown Models by Bert Stern

Birgitta af Klercker, Karin Mossberg and Unknown Model by Helmut Newton
Veruschka and Marisa Berenson by Bert Stern
Brigitte Bauer and Unknown Models by Helmut Newton
Veruschka, Wilhelmina Benedetta Barzini, Editha Dussler and Jennifer O'Neill by Penn
Unknown Models by Hatami
Brigitte Bauer and Benedetta Barzini by Penn
Veruschka by Horst


Skorver said...

The first unknown model by Penn is Jennifer O'Neill.
The unknown model in the Helmut Newton pieces is blonde German model Karin Mossberg.
In the feature by Penn, unknown models, Editha Dussler and Jennifer O'Neill are on the "dash of red twill..." page.

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Oh for shame...I was mistaken in naming Karin Mossberg (in the Newton piece) for Swedish model Camilla Sparv....but in my defense they look so very similar.
Sorry !