26 July 2010

15th August 1966

Hemline News!
Cover Model: Brigitte Bauer
Photographed by Irving Penn
Leg by Gianni Lami
Legs and Editha Dussler by Rubartelli

Claudia Cardinale by Bert Stern
Editha Dussler and Birgitta af Klercker by Penn

Marisa Berenson by Guy Bourdin
Lauren Hutton (told you we'd see that gal again) by Avedon
Peggy Moffitt by William Claxton
Benedetta Barzini by Avedon (featuring his signature Vogue "birthing pose" left)
Marisa Berenson by Guy Bourdin


Skorver said...

You are mistaking Marisa Mell for Editha Dussler...I can see why, they have a similar look. Editha was a top model in the sixties and a favorite of such photographers as Henry Clarke,Bert Stern, Penn and Avedon.
Marisa Mell,though beautiful, was not a model but an actress.

Freya said...

They are very similar aren't they? I actually have a couple of issues of American Vogue that actually credit Marisa Mell which made me question if I had been miscrediting her all along. Now you have confirmed it. So Editha Dussler is the model with the very pouty lips?

Skorver said...

Yes, Editha does have pouty lips, but so does Marisa, hee, hee.
Marisa was featured in several fashion layouts for Vogue. You can see them on tFS link here:


It is really amazing how similar they are, isn't it ?

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The model you credit as Editha in the "legs" piece by Rubartelli is really Dolores Wettach.