6 July 2010

1st November 1965

Lights on Fashion
Cover Model: Brigitte Bauer
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Brigitte Bauer, Wilhelmina, Sue Murray and Birgitta af Klercker by Bert Stern

Sue Murray, Wilhelmina and unknown model by Horst
Veruschka and Unknown model by Penn
Benedetta Barzini, Editha and Verushcka by William KleinFrancoise Rubartelli by Rubartelli
Marisa Berenson and Unknown Model by Helmut Newton
Jessica Walter, Candice Bergen, Elizabeth Hartman and Joanna Pettett by Helmut Newton

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Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model in both the Bert Stern piece and the Horst piece is Astrid Heeren. She went on to pursue(as so many models) a movie career and can be seen as the girlfriend of Steve McQueen in the "Thomas Crown Affair".