15 July 2010

1st October 1966 - UK Vogue

This Winter's guide to GLAMOUR, clothes, hair, make-up, the new techniques
Cover Model: Jill Kennington
Photographed by: Saul Leiter

Jill Kennington and Unknown Model by Saul Leiter

Birgitta af Klercker by Helmut Newton

Sue Murray and Unknown Model photographed by Unknown

Donna Mitchell and Sue Murray by David Montgomery
Mrs David Douglas-Home (left) and Rory Davis (right)Penelope Cuthbertson (left), Mrs Michael White (right)

Sue Murray by David Bailey
Twiggy by Helmut NewtonBirgitta af Klercker by Helmet Newton
Donna Mitchell by Bailey

1 comment:

Norman Parkinson Archive said...

Hi Freya! The evening pants shoot is by Norman Parkinson! We also have "Miller" written on the negative sleeves - does that help with figuring out the unknown model?