14 July 2010

1st September 1966 - UK Vogue

Cover Model: Celia Hammond
Photographed by David Bailey

First appearances for Donna Mitchell and Joanna Shimkus by David Montgomery

Veruschka and Unknown Model by Henry Clarke

Marisa Berenson by Norman Parkinson
Grace Coddington and Jean Shrimpton by Bailey
Wilhelmina and Veronica Hamel by Bert Stern
Donna Mitchell by Helmut Newton
Jill Kennington, Celia Hammond and Jean Shrimpton by BaileyJane Lumb by Marc Hispard

Donna Mitchell by Bob RichardsonVerena by Helmut Newton

Grace Coddington, Donna Mitchell and Nicole De La Marge by Traeger


Signed D.C. said...

Hi there, I was just turned on to your blog earlier today--fantastic idea, terrific execution! Beats spending ages going through the microfilm at the library as I've done in the past when I've had spare time.

The unknown model in the "Young Idea" spread is named Jane Lumb. If you happen to spot any other images of her in your collection, PLEASE do not hesitate to post them, as so few of her pics have yet resurfaced so far. Certain Hollies fans will be particularly grateful, I can assure you.


Freya said...

Thanks so much for your comment! I will credit her straight away! She has quite a distinctive look so if I do see anymore I will post them just for you. I assume she was probably just in UK Vogue?
Thanks again and happy that you're enjoying the blog! That people are reading it and benefitting from it too, makes me happy!

Signed D.C. said...

She may have worked only in Europe. I don't think I've ever seen her in the U.S. edition at any rate!

I think she's in the "Young Idea" spread in the Sept. 15, 1966 edition as well--I missed her at first, another fan pointed it out to me!

Thanks again for all your scantastic behavior!

Skorver said...

The unknown model with Wilhelmina is Veronica Hamel.