16 July 2010

December 1966 - UK Vogue

The Great White Fashion Storm
Cover Model: Celia Hammond
Photographed and Bacofoiled by David Bailey

Boot by Berody
Sue Murray by Bailey
Mirella Pettini by Helmut Newton (a: the Russian Long can go a very long way, according to this very long editorial)
Unknown Model by BaileyUnknown Model by Uncredited Photographer

Sue Murray by Bailey (including the WORST EVER makeup on this first page, on the right, Sue looks just like a zombie)

Stills from Fearless Vampire Killers featuring Sharon Tate with red hairUnknown Model (looks a lot like Moyra Swan but I'm pretty sure it isn't) by David Montgomery

Merle Lynn by Henry Clarke


Skorver said...

Believe it or not, but the unknown model in the Helmut Newton editorial is Mirella Pettini.

And you're right, it's not Moyra Swan...but who.

Freya said...

Thanks for that Sophia, I knew she looked familiar but I certainly wouldn't have put it down as Mirelli. She looks stunning in this editorial.

Adam Smith said...

The 'Revolution Around The Sun' spread of Ken Scott modes is credited to David Bailey on the first right hand page

helen said...

''Unknown Model by Uncredited Photographer'' - this Model Maria Julia photographed by David Bailey and wearing a creation by Carven.Italian Vogue,November 1966