27 July 2010

December 1966

Once-A-Year Gala for the Christmas Eye
Cover Model: Evelyn Kuhn
Photographed by Irving Penn

Birgitta af Klercker, Wilhelmina, Brigitte Bauer, Veruschka and Sue Murray all by Penn

Editha Dussler, Antonia and Sveva (thanks to Skorver for her great eye!!) by Henry Clarke

Donna Giada Ruspoll by Avedon

Birgitta af Klercker in some quite revealing swimswear by Penn


Skorver said...

Cover model is Evelyn Kuhn.

Skorver said...

I'm going to have to disagree with you on the Henry Clarke feature. The models are Editha Dussler, Antonia and Sveva. Veruschka and Marisa Mell did not appear in this photo shoot. Editha looks very much like Marisa Mell and Sveve could be mistaken for Veruschka from a distance.

Anonymous said...

Could you please add the Princess Radziwill article?
Thank you