19 July 2010

January 1st 1966

Look '66
Cover Model: Celia Hammond
Photographed by Irving Penn

Brigitte Bauer (right) by Penn
Unknown Model by Penn
Marisa Berenson, Brigitte Bauer, Wilhelmina and Benedetta Barzini by Penn

Marisa looks about 10 years old on the right hand pictures!!

Audrey Hepburn by William KleinMarisa Berenson and Fiona Campbell-Walter by John Cowan

Astrid Heeren by Horst


plainsong said...

Celia looks amaaaazing! Thanks for all your effort! You're keeping the past alive~ <3

Freya said...

It IS a stunning cover, isn't it? Celia had such a sweet, elfin face, so perfect for the era! Thanks for your lovely comments!

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model in the John Cowan piece is Baroness Fiona Thyssen-Bornemisza, formerly top fifties model Fiona Campbell-Walter. She married VERY well,but alas, it did not last.

The unknown model in the last photo by Horst, is Astrid Heeren.