12 July 2010

June 1966 - UK Vogue

Beauty What Now? What Next?
Britt Ekland photographed by David Bailey

Jean Shrimpton Revlon ad
Celia Hammond (right) unknown photographer, probably Bailey

Foot/Hand by Peter Rand
Celia Hammond and Jean Shrimpton by Helmut Newton

Jill Kennington Batman photostrip by Traegar
Unknown Models by Mulas
Jill Kennington, Hiroko and Unknown Models by David MontgomeryFeet and Arms by Helmut Newton

Susannah Yorke (thanks to Sophie!) and Warren Beatty by David Montgomery
Celia Hammond and Moyra Swann by Vernier


Anonymous said...

Hello there!

I just wanted to point out that "unknown model with Warren Beatty" is wonderful actress Susannah York. They were starring together in a movie called "Kaleidoscope". (I love this particular issue of Vogue! :) )
Thank you again for your fantastic blog!

All the best,


Freya said...

Thanks so much Sophie! I have duly given her her much deserved credit! I have kaleidoscope but yet to watch it!

Skorver said...

Another model in the Mary Quant ad is Tania Mallett ( top row, fourth from left)the left hand page.

Anonymous said...

Hi - the Mary Quant ad was photographed by Terence Donovan.