12 July 2010

May 1966 - UK Vogue

Cover Model: Celia Hammond
Photographed by David Bailey

Isa Stoppi by Henry Clarke

Unknown Models by Helmut NewtonCelia Hammond and Moyra Swan by Bailey

Jill Kennington by John Cowan
Marisa Berenson by Avedon
Jean Shrimpton by Helmut NewtonMaud Adams and unknown Models by Helmut Newton


Skorver said...

One of the unknown models in the Newton feature is Maud Adams.

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
Marisa and Vicki are not in the Henry Clarke piece. The model is Isa Stoppi.

Freya said...

Thanks Sophia! Those older issues really stump me sometimes!!!

Jecca said...

This cover epitomizes the UK 60's for me (a teenager back then loving UKVogue)..just add the Ungaro toeless white boots with the bows on the top cutouts and that's it for me! Adore, love, give thanks for your wonderful blog!!!

Jecca said...

whoops...I meant Courreges white boots...