25 August 2010

1st April 1968 - UK Vogue

What to Wear When Beauty is the Issue
Cover Model Celia Hammond
Photographed by Henry Clarke

Vogues own Boutique featuring Jane Birkin
Celia Hammond and Annabella Pearson-Gee by Henry Clarke

Lucy Saroyan by Henry Clarke
Celia Hammond, Angelica Houston (l) and Annabella Pearson-Gee by Henry Clarke

Maudie James and Willy Van Rooy by Vernier

Moyra Swann and Celia Hammond by David Montgomery

Penelope Tree and Twiggy by Avedon

Sue Murray by Bailey

Maudie James and Moyra Swann by Just Jaeckin

Margrit Ramme by Helmut Newton

Celia Hammond by Norman Eales
Vicky Wise by Hans Feurer


Skorver said...

Hi Freya,
The liner notes state that is Anjelica Huston (with ribbons in her hair)in the feature with Celia Hammond by Henry Clarke. Just that one photo..I don't know the other model.

Freya said...

I thought it wasn't the same model as the rest of the shoot and I had a feeling it was Anjelica but it is quite an unflattering picture of her!! I have credited her now. Wish I could name the other model now!