18 August 2010

15th August 1967

55 New Looks to own Right Now
Cover Model Mia Farrow
Photographed by David Bailey
Legs by Penn
Francoise Rubartelli, Editha, Gloria Friedrich, Susan Schoenberg and unknown model by Penn

Editha, Francoise Rubartelli and Marisa Berenson by Penati

Madame Philippe Leroy by Rubartelli
Jacqueline Sassard by Rubartelli
Moyra Swann and Donna Mitchell by Alexis Waldeck

Unknown model by Alexis Waldeck

Marisa Berenson by Penati
Mrs William E Hopkins (left) and Mrs Donald Bren (right) by Penati
Claudia and Dean Martin Jr by Norman Parkinson
Raquel Welch (left) and Jill Townsend (right) by Norman Parkinson
Francoise Rubartelli and Editha by Norman Parkinson

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