19 August 2010

15th September 1967

The Prettiest Fashion from Paris in Years
Cover model Heide Weideck
Photographed by David Bailey

Sue Murray, Veruschka, Marisa Berenson, Princess Ira Furstenberg, Ann Turkel, Viviane and unknown models by Penn

Vanessa Redgrave by Victor Skrebneski
Unknown Model, left (Gloria Friedrich?) by Penati, Birgitta, right. by Stern
Marisa Mell (it is her, Sophia!!) by Alexis Waldeck
Editha, Gloria Friedrich, Jennifer O'Neill (?), Francoise Rubartelli, Lauren Hutton and unknown models by Penn (first two doublespreads) and Bailey

Marisa Berenson by De Rosnay

'It Girls' of the 60s l-r Shelly Smith, Jane Holzer, Susan Burden, Sandie Eller, Ann Cosyns, Heidi Weideck, Gunnel Bloomberg


Puppy Love Petwear said...

oh...absolutely adore that red beaded neckline!! and all these gorgeous coats... *sigh* think now is the time to start stocking up my a/w wardrobe! (as if i needed an excuse! lols!) M x x

Unknown said...
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