13 August 2010

1st April 1967

Great Never-Out-Of-Season Fashion
Cover Model Celia Hammond
Photographed by Bert Stern

Angela Howard in Scandia Ad (left) Veruschka by Rubartelli (right)

Editha, Benedetta, Samantha Jones and Lauren Hutton by Penn

Benedetta and Editha by Avedon

Editha, Veruschka and Birgitta by Penati

Benedetta by Avedon
Birgitta and Editha by Bert Stern (love how modern Editha's suit is!)
Editha and Benedetta by Penati

Veruschka by Rubartelli

Simone D'Aillencourt by Henry Clarke
Marisa Berenson and Heide Wiedeck by Bert Stern
Samantha Jones by Penn
Mireille Darc article

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Skorver said...

The model in the Scandia ad is Angela Howard.
The unknown model by Henry Clarke is Simone D'Aillencourt.
The unknown model with Marisa by Bert Stern is Heide Wiedeck.