25 August 2010

15th March 1968 - UK Vogue

British Ready to Wear Collections
Cover Model Sue Murray
Photographed by David Bailey

Coty Ad
Mary Quant ad (right)
Mary Quant ad (left) featuring Penelope Tree
Yardley Ad featuring Willy Van Rooy (right)
Carol White by Bailey
Celia Hammond, Jean Shrimpton, Sue Murray and Maudie James by Bailey

Birgitta, Celia Hammond and unknown by Henry Clarke

Vanessa Redgrave by Norman Parkinson
Willy Van Rooy by Helmut Newton (first use of his trademark mannequins)

Birgitta and unknown model by Norman Eales

Patti Boyd by Bob Whittaker

Vicky Wise by Hans Feurer (b/w) and Norman Parkinson (colour)

Maudie James and Moyra Swann by Just Jaeckin


plainsong said...

How cute does Penelope look in that ad!
These Bailey shots are gorgeous.
Thank you again!!

Freya said...

Isn't she adorable there? A total Quant girl!

ModLover said...

Thank you so much for this website! I have never been so happy that the internet exists. Thank you for generously sharing your collection with us!

Freya said...

ModLover, I'm glad that you're enjoying the blog!! This is my small way of keeping a little bit of history alive, so it's always great to hear from fellow 60s lovers!!