6 August 2010

Birthday Girl!

It's my birthday today and as I'm going shopping to celebrate, there will be no scanning today!
But here instead is a lovely photograph, not quite redolent of my own birthday but a girl can wish...
(picture courtesy of http://brunchatsaks.blogspot.com)


Puppy Love Petwear said...

woo woo happy birthday!!! have a fabulous fashionista day! all the coolest people are born in august... :) lols! x x

מיכל♥ג'וש said...

oh my, happy b-day: go out and celebrate, wild Veruschka & Avedon style ;)
it's a good timing for telling you (again) that your work here is remarkable and appreciated. Mazel Toff!

Wardrobe Wars said...

hey there ! we just came across your blog on bloglovin' and have been going back and back through your posts ! great concept ! do you own all these magazines ? very jealous if you do ! Hope you are having a great birthday !

Greetings from Ireland

Fifi and Niamh ( The WardrobeWars Girls)

hope you stop by some time and let us know what you think , follow if you like ! we will absolutely be back !

plainsong said...

happy bday!
New layout looks great
(LOVE Penelope Tree!)
thank you :D

soph // and other things said...

Happy birthday! Hope you have the most loveliest of days :)

Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday! :D


xxyy said...

happy bday dear! have fun.xx


Freya said...

Thank you thank you all of you for your birthday wishes! I am glad that you are all enjoying the blog! It is a real labour of love so to have people enjoy it is truly gratifying! xxxxxxx