2 August 2010

June 1967 - UK Vogue

Fresh Beauty Look
Cover Model Celia Hammond
Photographed by David Bailey

Mia Farrow by Bailey
Francoise Hardy (left) by Bailey, Arabella Churchill by Duffy
Julie Christie and Brigitte Bardot by Duffy
Twiggy by Traeger and Amanda Burden by Penn
Ann Turkel by Unknown
Maudie James by Bailey (sooo glad people don't wear makeup like this anymore!!)

Celia Hammond, Maudie James and Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Moyra Swann and Virni by David Montgomery

Twiggy and Unknown model by Just Jaeckin

Moyra Swann and unknown by David Montgomery

Sue Lynn (Vogue's model winner 67) by Traeger
Sue Murray by Bailey


Puppy Love Petwear said...

*sigh* I really was born in the wrong era... I just adore 60s fashion & music! Delighted false eyelashes and big liner has made a comeback. I love this blog... Vogue is such a fantastic resource for all things beautiful and this is great opportunity to see past issues I never would have seen before. Keep up the archive - it's awesome!! M xx

Freya said...

I agree! I was born in the wrong generation too! Still, we can wear falsh eyelashes and pretend!! xxxx