26 August 2010

May 1968 - UK Vogue

Far and Away the Greatest Sun Fashion This Minute!
Cover Model Faye Dunaway
Photographed by Jerry Schatzberg

Yardley ad featuring Willy Van Rooy
Marisa Berenson ad for Coty
Sue Murray and Bailey in New Zealand

Moyra Swann, Celia Hammond and unknown by David Montgomery

Unknown Model by Just Jaeckin
Penelope Tree (left) by Just Jaeckin, BB (right) by unknown
The Marchesa Nicoletta Rangoni Machiavelli Publicola Santa Croce and Martine Malle by Elisabeth Catalano
Vicky Wise by Helmut Newton

Faye Dunaway by Jerry Schatzberg
Sue Murray and Maudie James by Bailey


plainsong said...

That Coty ad of Marisa is especially lovely <3

Freya said...

Her eyes just POP don't they? I don't normally scan ads unless they're extra special which this one is!