17 September 2010

15th April 1969 - UK Vogue

The Most Look-Alive Clothes in Fashion Now
Cover Model: Maudie James
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Mouche by Guy Bourdin
JJ by Clive Arrowsmith

Mouche by Clive Boudin

Moyra Swann by Bailey

Patti Boyd by Bailey

Unknown Model (R) by Barry Lategan
Maudie James by Patrick Hunt, Unknown Bosom by Barry Lategan
Unknown Model wearing Finlandia Designers by John Cowan

Unknown Model in "politically insensitive" shoot by Bernard Mignault


Rodrigo said...

What an amazing collection! I just want to thank you for taking the time to do all these scans and so generously share them with us readers. By documenting this era you do a remarkable and valuable work, and it's both entertaining and instructive.
It's great to see talented photographers and graphic designers and it's refreshing to see how beautiful and natural and feminine women were during that time.
Bref, this is a cult blog.


plainsong said...

great Pattie Boyd by Bailey! It's nice to see her editorials, I especially love the last photo of the 6 pics, with her hand up.

Freya said...

Hi Rodrigo,
Thanks so much for your wonderful comments! I am always thrilled when people comment on the blog as it means that people are enjoying it! I hope you continue to visit us as we nudge in the 70s.

Plainsong, look out for MUCH more Patti in the forthcoming issues. Looks like George let her start working again in late 69, they must have been a bit short of cash ;)