28 September 2010

15th April 1969

Fashion that Brings out the Beauty in You
Cover Model: Britt Ekland (I want her Van Cleef necklace!)
Photographed by: Penati

Hair by Bert Stern
Samantha Eggar (L) and Lesley Jones (R) both by De Laurents
Berkley Johnson (L) and Samantha Jones (R) by Avedon
Mirelli Pettini by Penati
Jean Shrimpton and Cynthia Korman by Avedon

Jean Shrimpton by Penn

Windsor Eliot, Naomi Sims, Ann Turkel and Lauren Hutton by Penn

Jan Ward by Bert Stern

Moyra Swan and Susan Schoenberg by Bert Stern
Unknown Models (Cynthia Korman?) by Henry Clarke
Moyra Swan by Henry Clarke
Naomi Sims, Charlene Dash,Cynthia Korman and Windsor Eliot by Penn

Mimi Paul by Avedon
Ulla Bomser by Avedon

Lauren Hutton, Naomi Sims and Cynthia Korman by Penati

Cynthia Korman by Penati

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