30 September 2010

15th August 1969

Top to Toe
Goldie Hawn by Bert Stern

Christian Dior shoe ad
Goldie Hawn by Bert Stern
Raquel Welch by Avedon

Unknown Models by Horst (L), Donyale Luna (R) by Ruby Bergstrom
Margrit Ramme by Alexis Waldeck

Princess Marina and Christian Hay by Elisabetta Catalano
Princess Marina Wolkonsky (L), Katia Moguy (R) both by Elisabetta Catalano
Florinda Bolkan by Elisabetta Catalano
Ali McGraw by Avedon
Editha and Mouche by Penati

Goldie Hawn by Bert Stern
Unknown Model by Avedon
Maud Adams, Moyra Swan, Legs by Norman Parkinson

Maud Adams by Norman Parkinson

The Clinger Sisters, Cher and 'Gracie' Slick

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