7 September 2010

15th March 1968

Paris Fashion As We See It
Cover Model: Sue Murray
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Penelope Tree and Twiggy by Avedon

Hiroko and Unknown Model by Helmut Newton

Carol White by Bailey
Marisa Mell (and tum) by Bert Stern
Benedetta Barzini and Marisa Berenson by Henry Clarke

Agneta Darin by Henry Clarke

Veruschka by Rubartelli
Marisa Mell by Bert Stern
Marina Schiano and Heide Wiedeck by Bert Stern

Ann Turkel by Bert Stern

Birgitta by Bert Stern


plainsong said...

impressive Twig & Tree! It really looks like they had a lot of fun there. What great shots Avedon captured.

Stephanie said...

Well of course I have Miss O'Dell. A great book indeed, it gives lots of insight inside Maureen (my fave girl) and Pattie's lives. Chris O'Dell is really nice too, I've emailed her several times and she gently replied.

Freya said...

It is an impressive shoot isn't it? Gorgeous but I wish there was a bit more Twiggy too. Don't you think they also look healthy and happy, and not super thin like some of today's models?

Freya said...

Women of the Beatles - LOL! I figured you would have but thought I'd mention it anyway! I haven't read it yet, just looked at the pics and saw the ones of Mo. Maureen has passed away hasn't she? She must have been quite young really.
How nice of Chris O'Dell to respond! It must have been quite a thrill for you :)

Stephanie said...

Oh yes I was really happy :)
Yes sadly Maureen passed away in 1994, aged 47 or 48, of leukemia despite a bone marrow transplant from son Zak...so sad !

plainsong said...

Yeah! I noticed a lot of Penelope compared to Twiggy. It made me think maybe Avedon favoured her more at that point. Not sure. I don't think there was a rivalry there but I remember reading somewhere a quote along the lines of "The Twig becomes a Tree", and thinking maybe it was meant to make it seem like Twiggy was usurped by Penelope. Either way, I like 'em both. :D They do look more healthy than the models today, and certainly more recognisable facially too. A lot of models today all look alike, can't tell them apart!

Freya said...

Plainsong, I think I prefer the Penelope pics anyway and I have an inkling that US Vogue preferred Penelope because she came from a very wealthy American family - Vreeland ALWAYS loved money and extreme wealth, the early Vogue pages reek of it! When Vreeland retired in the early 70s, you can really see the difference, the magazine became more for everyperson and you get the edgier Wangenheim/Newton shoots too.

Freya said...

WOTB So sad, so young. I wasn't aware that Zak had even given her a bone marrow transplant. A real tragedy, I bet she would have written a great memoir!

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,
It's not Jean Shrimpton in the Helmut piece, however,I think that is Hiroko on the facing page.
The unknown model in the Henry Clarke piece is Agneta Darin.
The unknown model with Marina in the Bert Stern piece is Heide Wiedeck.