16 September 2010

15th March 1969 - UK Vogue

Spring Fashion: The Best of the Best
Cover Model: Maudie James
Photographed by David Bailey

Moyra Swann and Marisa Berenson by Bailey (doing an Avedon)

Moyra Swann, Maudie James, Sue Murray and unknown model by Bailey

Katherine Schofield and Miranda Bellville by David Montgomery
Alice Ormsby-Gore by David Montgomery
Victoria Tennant by David Montgomery
Jacqueline Bisset by Patrick Litchfield
Jane Lumb by Barry Lategan

Celia Hammond and Maudie James by Barry Lategan

JJ by Clive Arrowsmith
Hiroko by Clive Arrowsmith

Windsor Eliot by Penati
Shoes by Barry Lategan
Celia Hammond by Karen Radkai


plainsong said...

love love love the Hiroko by Arrowsmith pics...cool! thank you

Clarissa said...

Hi, fantastic blog! I love David Bailey. He did a lengendary photoshoot with Brigitte Bardot in 1967. Strangly, this session is really hard to find and much sought after. As for me I've spent years seraching for it. Please, if you have this photoshoot or anything Bardot, it'd be great to see it posted.
Thank you so much,


Freya said...

Plainsong, I always think of the era with Arrowsmith's and Lategan's romaticised style of photography to be the lull before the storm that was Helmut Newton and Chris von Wangenheim!!

Clarissa, I don't have this shoot in either US/UK 1967 issues. I suspect it was commissioned for either Vogue Italia or Paris Vogue. can you tell me anything about the shoot to help me ID it if I come across any BB photos in Vogue.

Clarissa said...

Thanks for answering. If you don't have it maybe it never appeared in Vogue but in ELLE France. I think Vogue never liked BB and prefered Deneuve. I guess her marriage to Bailey had a lot to do with that. Rumour has it that Deneuve was so jelous of her that she destroyed the negatives. I don't think this is true because the pictures did appear and they're sublime.
Did you ever see "The Bardot Show"? In it you can see the making of this photoshoot. It's easily downloadable.
Thank you!

Freya said...

It's not this issue is it? Says it has a four page spread inside but no note of who the photographer is? Thanks so much for the interesting story too! Interesting that Deneuve was so jealous of Bardot, yet Bailey ran off with Penelope Tree, so wildly different to both Brigitte and Catherine!


Clarissa said...

Thanks for the link but that's not the Bailey session. It's a promotional spread to promote the western movie "Shalako", with Sean Connery. It's odd that Princess Lee Radziwill was offered the starring role first but she declined because her agents told her it was not good for her. Apparently, it wasn't good for BB either, for the movie flopped tremendously and signaled the beginning of the end of the reigning of BB and the rise of Deneuve.
Anyway, I'll keep searching.

Anonymous said...

Clarissa, the photoshoot you're searching for was made by Just Jaeckin, not David Bailey. In the 'Show Bardot' there's Bailey's shoot, the one by Jaeckin was different, althought B.B. had similair make-up and hair. The VOGUE issue you're looking for is the one from May 1968 and it shown Faye Dunaway on the cover. There is that famous photoshoot and the article which says that B.B. is making 'Shalako' and release her line of cosmetics. Here's the link:


Hope it helps, Vanina ;)

Layla said...

Alice Ormsby-Gore was a little goddess!!! How cute she was! I love the Ormsbys.....