14 September 2010

15th November 1968

Look Marvellous Right Now...
Cover Model: Veruschka
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Jean Shrimpton in the worlds least flattering dressing gown (left and right)
Alexis Waldeck, Arnaud de Rosnay and Patrick Litchfield by Elisabetta Catalano
Unknown Models by Patrick Litchfield

Berkley Johnson by Avedon

Samantha Jones by Penati

Alexis Waldeck by Patrick Litchfield

David Hemmings (L) and Leonard Whiting (R) by Robinson
Lauren Hutton, Windsor Eliot and Marina by Penati

Olga Georges-Picot by Lorieux
Windsor Eliot and Marina by Alexis Waldeck


Skorver said...

Hi Freya,
The model facing the opening page is Veronica Hamel.
The unknown models in the Lichtfield feature are mentioned in the liner notes: Lady Sarah Courage with Mr. John Moore, Martha Laycock, Lady McEwen and Mr. Rupert Lycett Green.


plainsong said...

"Jean Shrimpton in the worlds least flattering dressing gown " LOL! The look on her face seems to say she knows it too! Haha.

I love Hemmings and Whiting. 2 awesome photos of them. Thank you.

Freya said...

Sophia, will change these. Not really interested in Litchfield society shoots to be honest and this shoot wasn't particularly inspiring to me!

Plainsong! Imagine all those lucky ladies getting that lovely dressing gown for Christmas! If Jean can't work it - NO ONE CAN!!