21 September 2010

15th September 1969 - UK Vogue

60 Pages of British Fashion!
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by: David Bailey

Huge and probably very expensive Advertisement for Wooltrends International, shot by Barry Lategan, and featuring an array of top models, including Celia Hammond, Maud Adams, Maudie James, Geschi Fengler and Cathee Dahmen

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey

Geschi Fengler and Maren Greve by Bailey

Penelope Tree and Celia Hammond by Bailey

Geschi Fengler by Bailey
Maren Greve, Geschi Fengler and unknown models (one of them, Sue Murray?) by Bailey

Maren Greve by Bailey
Rose Lambton and Diana Radway by Cecil Beaton
Sophie Mead-Fetherstonhaugh and Laura Legh by Cecil Beaton
Celia Hammond, Moyra Swan and Maren Greve by David Montgomery

Charlotte Martin by Barry Lategan
Maudie James by Norman Parkinson (L) and Elizabeth Novick (R and rest of spread)

Alexandra Stewart by Bailey

Leglets by Guy Bourdin


Rodrigo said...

Thank you. Guy Bourdin is a genius!

Anonymous said...

That unknown model by Barry, the one with the colored hair, that's Charlotte Martin.

plainsong said...

nice to see more Shrimp. Thank you <3

Freya said...

Rodrigo, he IS a genius, and much more of him to come in UK Vogue!

Anon, thanks for that! I have been trying to ID this model as she appears in a lot more 70s issues so thanks!!

Hi Plainsong, it is! I think you will see a lot more of her in the US Vogues for 1969!