7 September 2010

1st April 1968

You and the Look That's in Fashion
Cover Model: Veruschka
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Twiggy by Avedon
Veruschka by Penn

A wistful Veruschka by Rubartelli
Veruschka by Henry Clarke (r) and Rubartelli (l)
Twiggy and Tree by Avedon
Georgina Russell and Giada Ruspoli by Penati
Birgitta af Klercker Heide Weideck by Alexis Waldeck
Unknown Model, Editha and Lauren Hutton by Alexis Waldeck

Veruschka by Rubartelli


Skorver said...

Hi Freya,
The unknown model with Birgitta is Heide Wiedeck.

Freya said...

Duly noted.
And just when I thought I could tell the difference between Editha and Marisa Mell, Gayle Hunnicut goes and comes along: