16 September 2010

1st April 1969 - UK Vogue

The Clothes You'll Love to Wear This Summer
Cover Model: Lesley Jones
Photographed by: Bailey

Moyra Swan and Maudie James by Henry Clarke

Lesley (Helga) Jones by David Montgomery
Moyra Swan and Maudie James and unknown model by Henry Clarke

Gudrun by Bailey
Unknown Model by Bailey
Moyra Swan by Bailey

Mouche (L) by hans Feurer and Helga (Lesley) Jones by barry Lategan
Unknown by Lategan
Mouche by Just Jaeckin

Audrey Hepburn by Henry Clarke
JJ by Clive Arrowsmith

Ingmari Lami by Bernard Mignault


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful pages with us. Many people look, few take the time to comment.We appreciate your time and care. Linda Morand miniMadMOD60s.com

Freya said...

Thanks Linda! Your kind comments are also appreciated, along with your tireless help with ID-ing forgotten models that need naming!! xx

de Bond said...
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de Bond said...

Lesley Jones is really Helga Antonia Jones and I have known her since we were 16. My name is Carole de Bond and I would love to see Helga again.

Maja said...

Hi! I am a photography student writing a dissertation on the photographers role in Swinging London. You have no idea how helpful this blog is! It has been really hard to find good sources. Thank you so much!

Hilary said...

Helga Antonia Jones also on the cover of British Vogue October 15 1968 (and the 12 pages of Bailey in the preceeding issue, October 1). Looking Good ;-)

David said...

Love your blog, thank you..just wondered if youre unknown model by BAILEY is Kari Ann Mueller? just feels like its her..