9 September 2010

1st August 1968

The Prettiest Girl-In-The-World-Look
Cover Model: Joanna Shimkus
Photographed by Bailey

Jean Shrimpton by Avedon

Julie Christie by Avedon

Julie Driscoll by Avedon

The Doors by Avedon
Penelope Tree (right) by Alexis Waldeck
Penelope Tree by Bailey

Ingrid Boulting by Bailey
Marisa Berenson and Ann Turkel by De Rosnay

Joanna Shimkus by Bailey

Georgina Ward by Bailey

Charlotte Rampling by Helmut Newton


plainsong said...

Those last Charlotte Rampling photos are by Helmut Newton, not David Bailey.

The Shrimpton "Prettiest Girl in the World" by Avedon is maybe my favourite Shrimp ed ever!

Thanks!! <3

Freya said...

Duly noted and changed! Thanks for that! Should have known it was Newton!