29 September 2010

1st August 1969

How You Can Be The Best Looking Girl in Fashion Today (answer: be Jacqueline Bisset)
Cover Model: Jacqueline Bisset
Photographed by: Bert Stern

Avedon Photo, Steve Tuttle Collage
Galya Milovskaya by Arnaud de Rosnay

Jacqueline Bisset by Bert Stern

Minnie Beard by Bailey

Joanna Shimkus by Bert Stern

Ali McGraw by Bert Stern

Leonard Cohen by Penn
Pop Art Collage by Peter Max
Easy Rider - Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper by Harry Benson
Maria Majorana Della Nicchiara and Mme. Bernard Camu by Jack Robinson
Pilar Crespi and Martha Laycock by John Encombe
Princess Marina Wolkosnsky by Elisabetta Catalano
Penelope Tree by Avedon

Olga Geroges-Picot by Patrick Litchfield

Brigitte Fossey by Penati

Jacqueline Bisset by Bert Stern


VANINA said...

Freya, checking your blog every day makes my day. It's always a pleasant surprise.
Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Minx. Saucy minx, not "saucy mink." Whatever. She was amazing. Ah, the seventies!

Freya said...

Thanks Vanina! So glad that you're enjoying the blog! May it long surprise you with many Vogueian delights!
Anon - thanks for the constructive criticism.

Anonymous said...

I have just stumbled upon your blog and it is great! Before seeing your blog, I had no idea Jacqueline Bisset was on the cover of Vogue so early on in her career--the first time I saw her on the cover of Vogue was in 1973 or 74 (after Day for Night was released in the US), about the same time I started reading Vogue. Keep up the good work!