5 September 2010

1st February 1968

Americana Issue
Cover Model: Jean Shrimpton
Photographed by Irving Penn

Marisa Berenson, Jean Shrimpton, Francoise Rubartelli, Sue Murray, Lauren Hutton by Penn

Claes Oldenbury artwork
Marisa Berenson by Avedon

Veruschka by Rubartelli


Stephanie said...

Hello there :)
I loooove your blog.
I used some of your WONDERFUL scans of Pattie, Jane & Barbara for my blog, thanks a lot (I credited you of course !)
Take a look if you want to.
Keep up the good work. I follow you, I cant believe you dont have like 34636 followers !

plainsong said...

woooow, great Shrimpy cover!!

Freya said...

I have checked out your blog, I am a huge Beatles fan so am more than happy for you to use some of the images. Hope there's some more for you in future issues!
And yeah, why don't I have 34636 followers?! xx