23 September 2010

1st January 1969

The Best New Looks in Fashion and Beauty
Cover Model: Lauren Hutton
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Jean Shrimpton ad (L) Leg by Leombruno-Body (R)
Leigh Taylor-Young by Avedon

Windsor Eliot, Mirelli Pettini, Francoise Rubartelli, Lauren Hutton, Marina, Marisa Berenson, Ann Turkel all by Penati

Inset Right is photographer Sarah Moon

Windsor Eliot by Waldeck
Francoise Rubartelli, Windsor Eliot, Marina all by Penati

Peggy Lipton (L) by Penati, Marina (R) by Waldeck
Francoise Rubartelli, Lauren Hutton by Penati

Tim Buckley by Jack Robinson
Veruschka by Penn
Marsha Hunt by Patrick Litchfield

Lauren Hutton by Avedon

Ann Turkel by Avedon


Rodrigo said...

Those Hutton pictures by Avedon are very famous. It's great to see them in their original context.
Thank you!

VANINA said...

Hello Freya. Thanks for your dedication and generosity.
Do you know if Fran├žoise Rubartelli is related to Veruschka's husband?

Freya said...

Hi Rodrigo, that shoot really is spectacular isn't it? I think it really put Hutton on the modelling map.

Vanina, I assume that Francoise is related to Rubartelli - he shot her very first photoshoots in Vogue (around 65) but I don't know what the relation is unfortunately. I have often wondered myself!!

Patsy G said...

The clothes feature in the 1969 colored spread are really so timeless.