9 September 2010

1st July 1968

Your Next Great Looks in Fashion
Cover Model: Lauren Hutton
Photographed by Irving Penn (hair by Ara Gallant!)

Jean Shrimpton ad (left), hands (right) by Penati
Ann Turkel, Lauren Hutton, Windsor Eliot, Marina Schiano and unknown models by Penn

Veruschka (inset) by Rubartelli, Marina Schiani, Lauren Hutton, Windsor Eliot and unknown model by Penati

Verushcka and Marina Schiano by Alexis Waldeck
Ann Turkel and Gloria Friedrich by Penati
Gloria Friedrich by Bert Stern
Veruschka by Rubartelli

Jean Shrimpton by Bailey
Francoise Rubartelli and Lauren Hutton by Penn

Marina Schiano by Alexis Waldeck

Lauren Hutton and Windsor Eliot by Penati

Penelope Tree and family by Patrick Litchfield

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readysetfashion said...

everytime i see this veruschka editorial i get butterflies its so beautiful. i can look at it for hours.