6 September 2010

1st March 1968

The Final Word on Skirt Length Now
Cover Model: Sue Murray
Photographed by Irving Penn

Celia Hammond by Bert Stern
Lauren Hutton, Editha, Marisa Mell, Ann Turkel and unknown model by Penn

Editha, Marina Schiani and unknown models by Bert Stern

Lauren Hutton, Editha by Penati

Penelope Tree, Marisa Mell and Editha by Bert Stern

Catherine Deneuve, Countess Carl-Alexander von Bismarck Mrs Patrick Guiness and Mme Richard De Surmont by Bailey

Marino Schiano by Alexis Waldeck

Mirelli Pettini and Benedetta Barzini and by Henry Clarke

Marina Schiano by Bert Stern

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