13 September 2010

1st November 1968

You and the New Joy of Fashion
Cover Model: Francoise Rubartelli
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Jean Shrimpton ad for Coles
Marisa Berenson and Jane Hitchcock by De Rosnay

Sondra Locke by Penati
Berkley Johnson and Samantha Jones by Avedon

Lauren Hutton, Bendetta Barzini, Marisa Berenson and Francoise Rubartelli by Penn

Ann Turkel and Jane Hitchcock by Bert Stern

Francoise Rubartelli by Penn
Unknown by De Rosnay

Princess Ira Furstenberg by Helmut Newton

Lauren Hutton, Ann Turkel, Birgita af Klercker, Naomi Sims and Unknown by Penati and Alexis Waldeck


Skorver said...

Hi Freya,
That is not Cynthia Korman, but Berkley Johnson in the Avedon feature.


Freya said...

Duly noted. Really struggled to ID her as Cynthia Korman and that's why!!!