10 September 2010

1st October 1968

The Season of the Witch
Cover Model: Windsor Eliot
Photographed by De Rosnay (Windsor and DeRosnay were dating at the time)

Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting (left) by Karen Radkai, Anjelica Houston and Assaf Dayan (right)
Anjelica Houston and mum, Ricki Houston, by De Rosnay
Anouk Aimee by Orator Woodward
Veruschka and sisters by Rubartelli
Samantha Jones by Avedon

Windsor Eliot and Ann Turkel by Bert Stern
Sue Murray by Bert Stern
Windor Eliot by Bert Stern
Lauren Hutton, Francoise Rubartelli and Marisa Berenson by Penn

Moyra Swann by Henry Clarke

Birgitta af Klercker by Alexis Waldeck

Unknown (Talitha Getty?) by Gene Laurentiis


plainsong said...

Loved the Romeo & Juliet film; great shot of Leonard and Olivia. Thank you!!

Freya said...

Don't tell anyone but I haven't seen Romeo and Juliet, not this version anyway. Glad you enjoyed :)