10 September 2010

1st September 1968

The New York Collections
Cover Model: Veruschka
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Veruschka, Birgitta af Klercker, Windsor Eliot, Editha, Naomi Sims, Lauren Hutton, Francoise Rubartelli all by Penn

Ludmila Savelyeva by Avedon

Unknown Model (L) by Stern, Windsor Eliot (R) by Penn
Editha by Laurents
Lauren Hutton and Windsor Eliot by Arnaud De Rosnay
Editha, Francoise Rubartelli, Windsor Eliot, Lauren Hutton, Birgitta and Naomi Sims by Penn

Ahh, the September 1st New York Collections edition - I hate scanning these, not only because they are such thick issues but because they comprise of about 98 percent ads and 2 percent editorial, most of which are pretty dull and all studio shot.

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