20 September 2010

1st September 1969 - UK Vogue

What's New in Fashion and Beauty in Paris, Rome, London, New York
Cover Model: Britt Ekland
Photographed by Barry Lategan

Patti Boyd, Sue Baloo and Maren Greve by Bailey

Mouche by Bugat
Britt Ekland by Barbieri
Mirelli Pettini, Berkley Johnson and unknown by Barbieri
Unknown Model (L) by Lategan and Evelyn Kuhn by Penn (hair by Ara Gallant)
Galya Miloskaya by Arnaud de Rosnay
Sue Murray, Moyra Swan and unknown model by David Montgomery

Geschi Fengler by Clive Arrowsmith

Unknown Model and Mouche by Peccinotti
Mouche by Barry Lategan

1 comment:

Sophia said...

Hi Freya,

The unknown model by Penn (hair by Ara Galant) is German model Evelyn Kuhn. Also it is definitely NOT Cathee Dahmen in the Arrowsmith piece.