20 September 2010

August 1969 - UK Vogue

Your Next Great Looks in Fashion and Beauty
Cover Model: Patti Boyd
Photographed by: David Bailey

Foot by Barry Lategan
Penelope Tree, Moyra Swann and Celia Hammond by Bailey

Moyra Swann and Maudie James by David Montgomery (doing an Avedon)

Unknown Model by Helmut Newton

Twiggy and Patti Boyd by Justin De Villenueve
Unknown Model by Barry Lategan
Julie Driscoll by Bailey
Celia Hammond by Bailey

Geschi Fengler by Peccinotti

Grace Coddington by Barry Lategan

1 comment:

plainsong said...

It's great to see Pattie on the cover of Vogue, and featured more in the magazine itself (hey, where was all the Shrimp at during this time? LOL). And it's true, UK Vogue looked more artistic and interesting than US Vogue.
The Newton shots on the big giant chair reminds me of some Melvin Sokolsky shots also done on a big giant chair. I wonder where one finds such a big chair...Hahaha.
Love the colourful Lategan shots too, thank you!