29 September 2010

July 1969

The LOOK that puts you way ahead in fashion
Cover Model: Susan Schoenberg
Photographed by: John Cowan

Windsor Eliot by Penati
Lauren Hutton by Penati
Lauren Hutton by Penn, Charlene Dash by Penati
Ann Turkel and Ulla Bomser by Penn
Cynthia Korman, Lauren Hutton, Ann Turkel, Windsor Eliot, Susan Schoenberg and possible Elsa Peretti by Penati

Windsor Eliot (L) by Penati and Benedetta Barzini (R) by Gianpaolo Barbieri
Editha, Ann Turkel, Cynthia Korman by Bert Stern

Elsa Peretti (?) in swimsuit by Alexis Waldeck and Evelyn Kuhn (R) by Penn
Benedetta Barzini by Gianpaolo Barbieri
Unknown Model by Alexis Waldeck
Daliah Lavi and Susan Schoenberg by John Cowan

Unknown Model by John Cowan

Lauren Hutton by Penn
Lorraine d'Estibaud by Penati

Penelope Tree (R) in huge glasses and 60s teef by Berry Berenson

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fashion junkie said...

I love all these fabulous photos!! You always know how to post interesting things. Can't wait for more. Looking forward to more lovely posts.

have a lovely weekend.