17 September 2010

June 1969 - UK Vogue

Great Beauty Issue
Cover Model: Ingmari Lamy
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Jane Birkin and Kate Barry (inset Left)
Samantha Jones by Avedon
Ludmila Savelyeva by Avedon
Catherine Deneuve by Avedon
Amanda Burden by Avedon
Moyra Swan, Penelope Tree and Anjelica Houston by Bailey

Unknown Model by Barry Lategan
Maudie James by Barry Lategan
Moyra Swan and Sue Murray by David Montgomery

Unknown Models by Barry Lategan

Gorgeous Pattie Boyd/Ossie Clark spread by Bailey

Twiggy by De Villeneuve

JJ by Clive Arrowsmith
Feets by Norman Parkinson

Moyra Swan by Bailey
Maudie James by Patrick Hunt


plainsong said...

Love the gypsy Twiggy! The Pattie pics are amazing too, especially the colour photo, love the Mucha look. The Deneuve by Avedon was also published in US Vogue too, right? They're fantastic!

Thank you <3

Freya said...

Plainsong, I love all the patti/twiggy stuff in these UK Vogues. I've just started scanning the US ones in for the same year and they don't have the same sense of fun or artistic-ness!! That said, I have just scanned a GAWJUS Avedon/Lauren Hutton on the beach shoot which is STUNNING!

Anonymous said...

Vogue mis-spelt Moyra's surname - it is Swan, not Swann