29 September 2010

June 1969

Looks That Make You a Beauty Now
Cover Model: Windsor Eliot
Photographed by: Arnaud de Rosnay

Legs by Martinet
Cynthia Korman, Moyra Swan and unknown model (Evelyn Kuhn?) by Henry Clarke

Susan Schoenberg by Bert Stern
Kellie by Bert Stern
Marisa Berenson by Henry Clarke
Signorina Tessa Carmine, Donna Marina Lante Della Roveri and Signora Antonella Agneli by Patrick Litchfield
Ann Turkel by Bert Stern
Elizabeth Princess of Toro by Penati

Cynthia Korman and Windsor Eliot by Penati

Cynthia Korman and unknown model by Penati

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Jay said...

Hi I love your blog very much! I was also wondering what ever happened to Kellie?