28 September 2010

May 1969

The American Woman 1969
Cover Model: Windsor Eliot
Photographed by: Irving Penn

Jean Shrimpton for Valentino ad (R)

Paraphenalia ads

Linda McCartney by Penati
Mia Farrow by Penn
Goldie Hawn by Avedon
Buffy Saint-Marie by Jack Robinson
Cynthia Korman by Stern
Leigh Taylor-Young (and missing pages - grrrr) by Penati
Lauren Hutton by Penn

Ann Turkel and Cynthia Korman by Penn

Windsor Eliot by Arnaud de Rosnay


VANINA said...

I love those Paraphernalia ads!

Freya said...

Hi Vanina! I don't normally post the ads but these were just too great and too 60s to miss!

plainsong said...

Love the Shrimpton Valentino ad! Cool movement going on. Thanks for the shot of Buffy Saint-Marie too.

Windsor looks strangely like a very old woman on the cover; interesting! xD

Freya said...

Doesn't help that the cover is very worn but yes, that wig and pose - it's very Victorian looking! I normally love Windsor pics but this isn't the best!
That Shrimpton ad is great isn't it? She really was dy-no-miiitte! Even when she's wearing something horrible, she still managed to make it look amazing!