22 September 2010

November 1969 - UK Vogue

Winter Fashion - More great ways to dress than ever before!
Cover Model: Maudie James
Photographed by: Barry Lategan

Hand by Lategan
Moyra Swan and Sue Baloo by Bailey

Ingrid Boulting by Avedon
Marisa Berenson by Arnaud de Rosnay
Moyra Swan by Lategan
Patti Boyd by Lategan

Unknown Model by Peccinotti

Moyra Swan by Bailey

Pattie Boyd by Bailey

Twiggy by De Villeneuve and Klaus Voorman

Maudie James by Lategan

Elisabeth Nielsen by Elizabeth Novick

1 comment:

plainsong said...

Voorman also did the artwork for The Beatles Revolver album. I LOVE this artwork of Twiggy. Thanks!!