4 October 2010

15th April 1970 - UK Vogue

The Look Young Issue
Cover Model: Gunilla Lindblad
Photographed by: Clive Arrowsmith

Vogue's Own Boutique featuring Penelope Tree (in hat), Ulla Bomser ad (R)
Delightfully tacky ad for Tights
Moyra Swan by David Montgomery
Carly Stember and Chandrika by John Stember

Moyra Swan and Maudie James by David Montgomery

Ann Schaufus by David Schoen

Moyra Swan by David Bailey

Italian Family, the Chigis by Alexander Zielcke
Olivia Newton John by Bailey
Lesley Paterson by Bailey
Ann Schafus (L) and unknown model (Berkley Johnson?) by Clive Arrowsmith
Ann Schafus by David Schoen
Shirley-Ann Fields by Clive Arrowsmith

Vicky Wise by Elisabeth Novick

Penelope Tree by Bailey (love this shoot!)
Polly Devlin in maternity wear by Tessa Traeger
Warhol, Jay Johnson and Candy Darling by Cecil Beaton
Maudie James by Clive Arrowsmith
JJ by Steve Hiett

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plainsong said...

haha, how cute is Penelope! Merci beaucoup <3