25 October 2010

15th February 1970

Terrific New Looks from Top to Toe
Cover Model: Lynn Sutherland
Photographed by: Bert Stern

Lynn Sutherland by Bert Stern
Ali MacGraw, Marisa Berenson and Pattie Harrison by Patrick Litchfield
Tina Aument (far left), Lotti Golden (middle), Marsha Hunt (right) by Catalano, Penati and unknown
Charly Stember and Mouche by Penati
Unknown, Lynn Sutherland and Marisa Berenson by Penati
Marisa Berenson, Cynthia Korman, Ann Turkel, Lynn Sutherland, Lynn Woodruff and Elizabeth Princess of Toro by Bert Stern

Lynn Sutherland and Jan Ward by Parkinson

Lynn Sutherland by Penn

Viviane and Francoise Rubartelli by Rubartelli

Pilar Crespi, Berry Berenson, Naomi Sims, Grace Coddington, Penelope Tree, Bailey and Michael Chow and Jane Birkin all featured in Vogue's own Boutique


plainsong said...

Woah, Pattie's hair! LOL Not a good look...

Freya said...

I know! It's dreadful but US Vogue LOVED that wig in 1970!!

Unknown said...

Wow! Thanks for posting this issue of Vogue! I enjoyed seeing Marisa Berenson, Marsha Hunt, Patti Boyd, Lotti Golden--all of these fab women. I'm looking for a photo of Lotti Golden in "Vogue's Own Boutique" around the same year wearing an Afro wig. If you ever locate that one I'd love to see it. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. I'm looking for Lotti Golden in antoher "Vogue's Own Boutique" where she is sporting an Afro wig. The issue is 1969 or 1970. If you happen to know the month/year of issue, I'd most appreciate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting.In fact, Vogue archives posted Lotti Golden's photo with a new article in 2014: http://www.vogue.com/866394/festival-hair-inspiration-from-the-vogue-archive/